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Conventional Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Decker has drilled over 2000 oil and gas wells since beginning drilling operations in 2001 both vertical and horizontal with zero environmental citations.  Our rigs have been purpose-built for efficiency. This means a lot of combination loads for the smallest footprint possible.  We are the holder of three world records, many operators and bit manufacturers company drilling records.  We also have the capability to high pressure air drill or fluid drill.  All rigs carry normal BOP equipment plus handling equipment for most all casing sizes.  Decker also owns its own fleet of heavy haul trucks and dozers for moving rigs safely and in a timely manner.

The one thing we are the most proud of is that we have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the drilling business, which in turn plays one of the most important parts of success in our business and yours!

Decker Drilling Rig # 8 in action.                                   Click here for Photos
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Top Holes for Unconventional Shale Plays

With shale plays dominating the United States energy picture, it has become apparent in a lot of areas.  There is a significant savings in capital, time and third party service expense when these wells can be topholed by competent well equipped rigs.  We drilled the first or one of the first Marcellus topholes in West Virginia in 2007.  Now it is a very common place to drill multi well pads.  We have completed several 12 well pads.  We can supply normal BOP equipment and rotating air bowls for 30”, 26” and 20” and down casing.  We have our own 200 Ton 20” air slips and elevators.  We can do almost any tophole without third party equipment and tool rental.  We have successfully drilled Marcellus and Utica top holes in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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Drilling In and For Coal Mines

Along with oil and gas drilling, we also drill in a number of mines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  In 2005 we started drilling projects for the Coal Industry; this includes degasification wells, ventilation, monitoring and many other types of boreholes.  Many of these wells require less than ½ a degree of deviation tolerance to hit certain open sections of the mine.  We have had a lot of stabilizers and other equipment custom built for these projects and offer some jobs turnkey start to finish.


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